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Brannack Electric, Inc. is your expert electrician in residential outdoor lighting supplies, design, and installation.

Outdoor Lighting is all about the effect. 

And, the effect is all about the light source. In most cases, residential lighting will benefit from a light source that produces a full-spectrum light that won't shift the viewer's color perception. To assure that true color, we specify low-voltage halogen. A low voltage landscape lighting system consumes about one-third the energy of a 120-volt lighting system.

Our high-quality fixtures are designed to accommodate the appropriate light sources. They are extremely durable, manufactured with corrosion-resistant materials such as heavy-gauge copper and solid bronze. They are made, and guaranteed, to last.

The CAST Lighting Experience

The CAST Lighting Experience is the nighttime transformation of your home and garden - made possible with CAST-trained lighting designers and professional quality landscape and garden lights with a lifetime warranty. CAST Lighting will exceed your expectations and enhance your experience of your home.

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Landscape Lighting Enhances:

  • Security
  • Safety
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Beauty
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